Friday, March 26, 2010

Uncasville, CT: Mohegan Sun

Set List
  1. Happy Now | Happy Now-2 | Happy Now-3 | Happy Now-4
  2. We Weren't Born to Follow | WWBTF/BadName
  3. Bad Name | Bad Name-2 | WWBTF/BadName | Bad Name-3
  4. Born to Be My Baby
  5. Lost Highway | (partial)
  6. In These Arms
  7. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
  8. Radio Saved My Life Tonight | Radio 2
  9. When We Were Beautiful
  10. Superman Tonight | Superman-2 | Superman-3
  11. We Got It Going On | WGIGO-2
  12. Bad Medicine/Roadhouse Blues | BadMed-2 | BadMed/RB-2
  13. It's My Life
  14. Lay Your Hands on Me (Richie Vox) | LYHOM 2
  15. Make a Memory | MAM-2
  16. Never Say Goodbye | NSG2 | NSG3 | NSG4 | NSG5
  17. Mama's Got a Squeezebox
  18. Something for the Pain
  19. Runaway
  20. Work for the Working Man
  21. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  22. Wanted Dead or Alive | Wanted 2 | Wanted 3 | Wanted 4 | Wanted 5 
  23. Living on a Prayer | Prayer 2
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SamboraRocks said...

just noticed that the second link for Happy Now leads to a video of Wanted :)

The Goddess Hathor said...

Thanks, fixed that. Working on the other downloads/links!!


SamboraRocks said... - In These Arms - Lost Highway - You give love a bad name - End of Born To Be My Baby - Never Say Goodbye - Squeezebox (cut) - Bad Medicine (first 2mins) - Reprise of Roadhouse Blues (cut) - Radio Saved My Life Tonight

4 more videos to come

SamboraRocks said...

sorry, only 3 more (the other was already uploaded) - Superman Tonight - Work For The Working Man - Who Say You Can't Go Home (cut)

That's it. More to come after the shows at The New Meadowlands