Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nashville, TN: Bridgestone Arena

Set List
  1. Blood on Blood | Blood-2 (ptl)
  2. We Weren't Born to Follow | WWBTF-2 (ptl)
  3. You Give Love a Bad Name | Bad Name-2 (ptl) | Bad Name-3
  4. Whole Lotta Leavin'
  5. Born to Be My Baby | BTBMB-2 (ptl) | BTBMB-3 (ptl)
  6. Lost Highway
  7. When We Were Beautiful | WWWB-2 | WWWB-3
  8. Superman Tonight (ptl)
  9. We Got It Going On | WGIGO (Jon dancing) | WGIGO-2 | WGIGO-3
  10. Bad Medicine/Roadhouse Blues| Bad Med (ptl) | RHB  | Bad Med-2  | Bad Med-3 (Part 1) (Part 2) | RHB/Bad Med
  11. It's My Life | IML-2 (ptl)
  12. Lay Your Hands On Me (Richie Vox) | LYHOM-2 (ptl) | LYHOM-3 | LYHOM-4
  13. Hallelujah | Hallelujah-2 (ptl) | Hallelujah-3 | Hallelujah-4 | Hallelujah-5
  14. I'll Be There For You | IBTFY-2 (ptl) | IBTFY-3 | IBTFY-4 (ptl) | IBTFY-5
  15. Something for the Pain | Pain-2 (ptl) | Pain-3 | Pain-4
  16. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night | Sat Night-2 (ptl)
  17. Keep the Faith | KTF-2 (ptl)
  18. Work for the Working Man
  19. Who Says You Can't Go Home | Who Says-2 (ptl)
  20. Love's the Only Rule | Only Rule-2 (ptl) | Only Rule-3 (ptl)
  21. Runaway | Runaway-2 (ptl) | Runaway-3 (ptl) | Runaway-4 (ptl) | Runaway-5
  22. Wanted Dead or Alive | Wanted-2 (ptl) | Wanted-3
  23. Living on a Prayer | Prayer-2 (ptl) | Prayer-3 (ptl) | Prayer-4 | Prayer-5 (ptl) | Prayer-6
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    JBJBounce said...

    Gee, I saw two shows over the weekend and there's very little difference in this setlist than what I saw. Where did the rare songs go? All I can say is that HRH is getting lazy with setlists and needs someone to smack him upside the head to remind him he promised 'this will be the tour for the diehards, we're going to haul out the rarities' Yeah right. First couple of shows, now it's SOSDD.

    Bitter? Me? Yeah, well, Tampa was an awesome show, but I really wanted to hear Homeboound Train and Happy Now. Even those aren't rare this tour, but alas, HRH has settled into a comfort zone and he's not budging.

    Daniel said...

    Just for the record, there was no "Shout" beyond the "weeeeeelllllll" part. I don't know if that's enough to officially put "Shout" as part of the song or not. :-)

    Same setlist but an awesome show from my perspective in the upper deck. Unfortunately, Love's the Only Rule was a highlight for me but no one else in my section so I was asked to sit down.

    Lisa Marie said...

    Daniel, that would make me so mad. I would tell them there is NO way I sit at a Bon Jovi show and you are horrified someone would even consider sitting!